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Occupational Therapy: What Is It and What Can It Do for You?

In every stage of life, occupational therapy helps people develop, recover or maintain the skills they need to do meaningful and necessary daily activities. In particular, occupational therapists can help older adults overcome daily challenges caused by diminished ranges of motion and mobility.  This type of treatment can help if you have pain, injury, illness, or a disability that makes it hard for you to do your job, care for yourself, complete household chores, move around, or take part in activities.

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Is It Time to Consider a Memory Care Facility?

According to a recent study by the Alzheimer’s Association, over 15 million Americans devote their energy and time to caring for a loved one with memory problems such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease – but sometimes this care comes at a high cost, so there might cause to consider a memory care facility. Caregivers often

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The Benefits of Technology for Seniors in Assisted Living

Although many people see seniors as computer-illiterate, this is simply not the case anymore. There are numerous benefits of technology for seniors. Seniors of today are catching up with the younger generations and learning how to use technology as part of their everyday lives. In fact, over half of seniors today are using the Internet

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Seven Benefits of Assisted Living

As the baby boomer generation approaches retirement age, many people will be faced with making life choices for their loved ones, including how to handle their changing health needs and daily care requirements. We offer resources to help you make the right decision, including It’s important to consider all the benefits of assisted living if

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Five Healthy Hobbies for Assisted Living Residents

In addition to a nutritious diet and regular exercise, it is also important that seniors take part in activities that make them feel good and energetic as part of their healthy lifestyle in an assisted living facility. Finding hobbies like arts and crafts for seniors in assisted living, that are enjoyable, helps to improve their

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