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Culinary Excellence at Angels Senior Living

Food is truly where the heart is. It’s a priority and it should be when helping to choose an assisted living for Mom or Dad. It can be challenging to find an assisted living with savory yet healthy food served each day. At Angels Senior Living, we strive to serve up delicious and nutritious meals for seniors every day, offering residents a total dining experience. Throughout our Angels Senior Living Network, you will encounter cuisine prepared from the finest and freshest ingredients in a cozy, loving environment offering unparalleled service and an emphasis on providing for the tastes of each resident.

Our Angels Senior Living chefs develop a seasonal menu to provide several rotating options for each of our residents across all our facilities. Each meal is freshly cooked or baked in house so you won’t find premade meals. Our philosophy is simple: “Give our residents as many choices as possible when they want it.” We want to offer each Angels Senior Living resident the highest quality service and the best dining experience they should expect from their new home.

"Upon taking the tour, again we were warmly greeted by any staff member we encountered. I noticed the cleanliness of the facility was better than most; as well as the number of staff to attend to the resident's needs. We were able to taste test from the day’s menu, which was wonderful!"

test_img Carolyn M.Tampa, Florida

"We spent much, much time searching the Tampa Bay area for the right assistant living residence for my mother…The facility is outstanding and the food service is excellent. But, more important is the wonderful, caring staff that surrounds my Mother every day."

test_img Michele K.Tampa, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions: Dining & Assisted Living

Q: What is the dining experience like at your assisted living facilities?

Custom-Designed Daily Menus – Each menu is carefully designed by our executive chefs to meet both the dietary needs and the individual desires of our residents. Our menus include three-course meals for lunch and dinner daily, and rotate every week of the month. We recreate our menus every season with the freshest ingredients and offerings in mind, so our residents never get bored with their cuisine options!

“You Choose” Breakfast – Whether it’s eggs, creamy oatmeal, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, French toast, muffins, or simply cereal that day, we prepare our assisted living and memory care residents delicious breakfasts to start the day off right.

All-Day Dining – Each of our assisted living facilities offers all-day dining available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. with an array of meals to choose from including grilled fish, spaghetti and meatballs, and grilled cheese and soup.

Q: How do you really know the food is good across your assisted living communities?

Angels Executive Quality Check Program – Our executive chef personally tastes our menu items and works with certified chefs, cooks, and servers on a daily basis to ensure culinary quality. The executive chef often travels to several communities daily to taste test the meals being served to our residents. Our executive chef also works side by side with the culinary team at each assisted living facility to improve kitchen operations and meal quality whenever possible. We believe it's a privilege to take care of your mom and dad, and we wouldn't serve anything to your family we wouldn't offer to ours. This quality check ensures the highest of standards at each of our locations.

Q: Will my loved one have their special dietary needs met?

As understanding of nutritional science improves, we expand our offerings to provide residents with meals calibrated to their needs. We’ve got a plan in place to ensure we can accommodate dietary restrictions, particularly those related to old age. Read below to learn more:

No-Added Salt – Our chefs avoid cooking with salt because of its negative and uncertain effects on the health of seniors, particularly those with existing heart problems or salt sensitivity. This is a very popular request for assisted living facilities, and we're happy to give our residents and their families peace of mind knowing their sodium intake is monitored. We offer salt shakers on the table for residents who wish to add salt to their meal.

Mechanically Altered Meals – We know each of our residents has different dietary needs, and we accommodate you or your loved one no matter your situation. We offer:

• Puree foods (pudding consistency)
• Food options for those who cannot chew food at all
• Mechanical soft diet (ground up)
• Food options for those who cannot chew food well
• Finger foods
• Food options for those who cannot physically use utensils

Modified Meals – It’s important that each meal align with the medical and/or nutritional needs of each resident. We’ll cater to the needs and make sure each diet is custom. For example, we can offer low/no sodium meals, no sugar added and diabetic option desserts.

Weekly Happy Hour – Our facilities host a weekly gathering offering residents a grand selection of hors d’oeuvres, wine, and beer for our residents and their visiting family members. It’s a fun time to get together, unwind, relax, and enjoy music and dancing in great company.

“Meet the Chef” Events – Once a month at select locations, we offer a live cooking demonstration where certified chefs will cook up some of their own favorite dishes and offer residents nutritional tips.

Q: Can I see the current menus to get an idea of what’s cooking?

Our menus rotate frequently, but here are some samples of what we're serving at each of our Angels communities.

Sample 1 Menu
Sample 2 Menu
Sample 3 Menu
Sample 4 Menu
All Day Dining Menu

Q: What is your assisted living dining experience like?

Each of our communities is unique and has their own personality, but we share one common philosophy when it comes to food. Our dining experience always includes a special dining area to make your loved one feel at home. Some of our properties feature a relaxing café for a change of environment, or even a private dining room for the option to dine with family in a quiet and reserved space.

Q: What is the process for ordering a meal in your assisted living facilities?

Again, it’s all about options and choices. We really want to give the most freedom to our residents especially when some may feel their freedom has been lost moving to an assisted living community. Residents can order their meals by:

• Taking a seat in the dining area of their choice with menus available for ordering
• Placing an order from their individual room for “room service”
• Reserving a private dining room to dine with your friends and family
• Calling the concierge for help ordering a meal

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