Making The MoveTo Assisted Living

Making the move into an assisted living facility is a major stepping stone in life and should be seen as a push toward better healthcare and overall wellness.

As with all big life changes, there is an adjustment period for seniors and their families after making the move into an assisted living facility. The first few weeks at one of these facilities can prove to be a little difficult, which is why it is so important for families to help their loved ones get accustomed to their new lives. Here are some of the benefits of moving to assisted living, changes your loved one can expect, and tips for a successful transition.


Three Biggest Benefits of Moving to Assisted Living

Increased focus on better health care and overall wellness

Assisted living facilities offer many benefits you may not be able to take advantage of living at home. Many of our communities feature visiting physicians, podiatrists, and other health care professionals who will perform in-service informationals and consultations on how best to manage an aspect of your health. Our wellness coordinators also plan group activities like annual flu shot checkups to ensure the best possible management of health. We also offer greatly improved access to allied health services like physical, occupational, and speech therapy to maximize your health care management. These opportunities translate to seniors having stronger support and personal management over their lifestyles.

New opportunities for socialization

Our assisted living facilities range from around 30 residents to as many as 100. This means meeting lots of new people! Activities, sightseeing opportunities, meals, and even simply spending time with your roommate or another resident can provide seniors with outlets for fun and socialization they may not have had living at home.

Reduced personal burdens and more time for enjoyment

Part of the beauty of assisted living is a reduced burden on you or your loved one. No more worrying about cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, and scheduling. We take care of it all. Medical or other transportation can also be arranged, and staff are often available to help run errands like pick up dry cleaning. It’s our job to cater to you!

Four Changes to Routine in Assisted Living

Moving to assisted living does have some big changes to routine you or your loved one should prepare for. We value preserving routines and hobbies just as much as you or your loved one does, and we do everything we can to accommodate.

Living with others and spending time together

Assisted living facilities offer many different opportunities for your loved one to meet new people. Residents are encouraged to spend time interacting with other residents and form new friendships within their new home. This allows seniors to not only make new friends, but also to meet people who relate to their experiences, stresses, or concerns. Socialization has been proven to decrease the chances of depression in the elderly, enhance mood, and improve cardiovascular health. With fun activities and events, seniors are able to spend much more time with others than if they lived alone at home.

Healthcare and wellness

The personnel at an assisted living facility can care for seniors no matter what kind of situation arises. From injuries, to falls and medication management, these medical professionals have been trained to handle all kinds of problems that would only lead to panic and further injury at home. This 24/7, around-the-clock attention will alleviate the stresses from their loved ones and ensure that seniors have the best quality care possible.

Housework and expenses

Homeowners must take full responsibility for all of the upkeep and necessary maintenance on their property. This can add up to quite a bit of time and money, especially when the homeowner is a senior who cannot do things for themselves. At an assisted living facility, everyday tasks and maintenance items are fully taken care of to save seniors time, money, and any potential injuries that they could have suffered doing things themselves.

Events and activities

It can be very difficult to keep a senior active and engaged when they are living at home. In most cases, the television becomes their primary source of entertainment, and often leads to boredom. In contrast, senior living communities and assisted living facilities offer many fun, new, and engaging activities for seniors. These keep both the body and mind engaged, which improves both physical and mental health.

Four Ways to Make Moving Day a Success

Manage your environment and routine

Part of moving into your new home is making it yours! We recommend moving in the morning to give you the greatest amount of time to get yourself or your loved one settled. Spend some time getting to know the staff and understanding how you’ll find out about daily activities. Set up your room to resemble your home as much as possible, because it’s yours!

Spend some time together

Moving day never stops being frustrating, right? Communicate as a caregiver or senior with everyone involved in the moving process, including employees. Everyone values familiarity, particularly seniors who require memory care. Put up photos, mementos, even what you need to take care of your pet if you’re bringing them along!

Create a schedule for visits and expectations for communication

Creating some expectations for both you and your loved one about family visits and spending time together is an important part of any transition. Caregivers can feel guilty about this arrangement and seniors can feel disappointed or helpless about their situation. We completely understand and we want to help you. Consider setting up a calendar for visits, discuss how to communicate with each other periodically, and create expectations for each other.

Familiarize yourself with the community

Our communities have a lot to offer in terms of amenities, from movie theaters to courtyards to sightseeing opportunities. Check out a monthly event calendar to see what you may want to participate in as a resident or as a family member, and don’t be afraid to make suggestions on activities you’d like to see included.

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