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The Benefits of Technology for Seniors in Assisted Living


Although many people see seniors as computer-illiterate, this is simply not the case anymore. There are numerous benefits of technology for seniors. Seniors of today are catching up with the younger generations and learning how to use technology as part of their everyday lives. In fact, over half of seniors today are using the Internet and/or own a cellphone.

In keeping up with the times, many assisted living facilities have integrated technology into their activities to keep seniors connected to their loved ones, mentally active, and to offer an activity that does not require physical exertion that some may not be capable of doing. Technology allows them to continually be engaged and to continue learning, while improving their overall quality of life.

Here are a few ways that technology has enriched the lives of seniors:

  • Wireless Internet – WiFi is obviously a requirement for many different kind of technologies. Many assisted living facilities of today are internet-ready and offer this service for their residents. This allows them to have the freedom to have devices in their own rooms as well as for activities.
  • Video Games – No matter if it is a racing game or an adventure game, video games have been proven to improve mental agility, improve cognition, and even physical health for some seniors (with games like the Wii Fit). Video games also promote social interaction when played in groups.
  • Tablet Computers – From apps that track health information to games that promote mental sharpness, a tablet computer or iPad can be very beneficial for seniors. They offer a lightweight and more portable option than a cumbersome laptop, are easier to use as their font sizes may be adjusted, and feature easy-to-use touch screens. Tablets can help seniors learn new language, read eBooks, view photos, visit Facebook, and even watch videos.
  • Video Chatting – Video chatting programs, such as Skype and FaceTime, allow seniors to have face-to-face interaction with their loved ones no matter the distance between them. This not only boosts social interaction, but also allows them to be virtually present for events that they might have otherwise missed.

Technology can be incredibly beneficial for seniors in assisted living. To find out more information about assisted living, contact Angels Senior Living today!

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