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Social Life at Angels Senior Living

Angels Social Life & Enrichment is multifaceted. It’s exciting. It’s fun. It’s about relationships. It’s about quality of life. It’s crucial to our seniors’ happiness. There are so many benefits to our unwavering dedication to our residents’ social life that we keep it high on the priority list. We have a dedicated team of people focused on activities so our seniors have options to stay busy throughout the day.

Our families love to know that their loved ones are engaged and living life to the fullest each and every day. Each facility has a Facebook Page that we keep up to date with the latest and greatest captured moments so you can keep up with your Mom or Dad even from a click of a mouse sitting in your own living room.

There’s no doubt that you have questions about how your loved ones will be nurtured in mind, body, and spirit. Read below where we try and answer some common questions.

Sample Activities Calendar

"Upon taking the tour, again we were warmly greeted by any staff member we encountered. I noticed the cleanliness of the facility was better than most; as well as the number of staff to attend to the resident's needs. We were able to taste test from the day’s menu, which was wonderful!"

test_img Carolyn MatthewsTampa, Florida

"LOVING, CARING, NURTURING, DEDICATED, and COMMITTED... these are the words that come to my mind when I think about "The Lodges of Idlewild."  My family feels blessed that we found "The Lodges" for my mother and we know that she is being provided the level of care that unfortunately we can't."

test_img Eileen KuhnTampa, Florida

Frequently Asked Socialization Questions

Q: How do Angels Senior Living residents keep an active lifestyle?

From a health standpoint, keeping active is not only important physically but for one’s mental health. There are many ways that we as an Angels Senior Living community keep active. We offer the following programs:

Daily Exercise Classes – These classes are designed to increase range of motion and focus on flexibility and balance. The social aspects provide opportunity for residents to connect with their neighbors while staying healthy.

Walking Club - Our walking club gives residents a chance to get outside for fresh air and go for a supervised walk nearby the vicinity. They can walk & talk while getting sunshine along the way.

Lawn Activities – Whether it’s horseshoe, cornhole, volleyball or darts, you can definitely find something going on outside on the lawn for our residents to join in.

Q: What are some of the fun activities you offer on a weekly basis?

Each facility has their own Activities Director and a team to assist. Our goal is to appeal to all groups of people and interests. We will customize to the facility residents’ interests as much as possible when creating our monthly Activities Calendar. You will find the calendar in the lobby or you can ask the Activity Director for your own personal copy. In general, you will find art classes, painting classes, bingo, card games, puzzle time, scrabble, Yahtzee and many other engaging activities for our seniors on any given day.

Q: What opportunities do the residents have to get outside of the building?

Our engagement and enrichment programs do not stop inside the building. Each facility has an Angels Senior Living bus or mini-van available on designated days. We offer chaperoned and supervised off-site outings for our residents such as going shopping at one of their favorite stores, seeing a movie at a nearby theater, or dining at a local restaurant.
There may be a sightseeing tour planned…there’s always something new and our staff is quite busy staying creative on what we can offer our residents.

Q: What special events do you have for your residents?

Once a month, you and your loved one have the opportunity to partake in a Monthly Family Event. Usually, we’ll match the theme with the month such as a special Valentine’s Dinner in February.

Another popular event is our weekly Happy Hour usually on Fridays. At these Happy Hour events, our residents love to dance to the music being played or live music. We are even known to hire live performers to come in! In addition, we offer random “Date Nights” for an exciting dining experience for our residents.

Q: Can my Mom or Dad attend a service to practice their faith within the building?

Each community routinely offers a Christian Non-Denominational and Catholic service (Communion given) for our residents. Additionally, our team works with all of our residents belonging to any denomination or religion to schedule relevant faith services.

Q: Do you have a hair and nail salon at your facilities?

Yes, there is a salon at each of our Angels communities. Appointments can be made for regular haircuts and styling. Manicures are also popular. In addition, hygienic pedicures are offered for our Memory Care residents. A podiatrist will come in to perform medical pedicures once a month as well.

Q: Do you offer transportation to specialty physicians?

Yes, we absolutely do. There is an opportunity for scheduled transportation. If it is in close proximity, it is complimentary for our residents. We also have a traveling dentist, podiatrist, and audiologist who makes visits in addition to an on-call Doctor.

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