Tampa Long Term Pharmacy

Offering assisted living facilities a partner in providing medication for their residents in the Tampa Bay Area.

Offering medication management for residents is part of operating an assisted living facility. Unfortunately, finding a partner to ensure that medication reaches your facility in a smooth, timely manner is often tougher than it should be. That’s where Tampa Long Term Care Pharmacy comes in. Since 2011, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing excellent care and services to residents in long term care environments like assisted living facilities, and to facility directors seeking new options for medication management.

We provide the highest quality pharmaceutical products and services for our facility partners and their residents. Our experience providing medication for the assisted living industry has taught us the importance of flexibility, the value of communication, and the benefits of providing facilities and their residents alike with individualized attention.

We’re a proactive long term care pharmacy that takes an interest in the everyday health of each resident we provide medication for. Our goal is to help you meet and exceed expectations of care for those who need it most.

A Partner In Drug Therapy

Medicine is serious business. We work with a consultant pharmacist and our facilities to make sure your residents are receiving the best medication for their needs.

Free Daily Delivery

We provide free daily delivery as part of servicing your pharmacy, and offer emergency delivery services to ensure your residents receive their medication when they need it.

Pharmacy Transition

We provide a comprehensive program for switching over pharmacies so you and your residents don’t have to worry about a service interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Long Term Care Pharmacy for Assisted Living

We offer a range of closed-door pharmaceutical services to assisted living facilities, including:

  • Pharmacy transition
  • Personalized drug therapy
  • Complimentary medication carts
  • Wide variety of packaging options, including blister packaging
  • Free daily delivery with emergency delivery available
  • Complimentary MARs (Medical Administration Records), including Fax
  • Consultant pharmacist available

We work primarily with larger assisted living facilities operating 50 to 100 beds, but we can accommodate any size assisted living facility seeking a long term care pharmacy partner in the Tampa Bay Area, particularly in the 25-bed range.

Our pharmacy’s costs are competitive with the market and we accept most major insurances. We work with doctors and facilities to ensure residents receive the most cost-conscious and effective drug therapy available to them.

Your business demands constant attention. We don’t. Tampa Long Term Care Pharmacy offers a transitional process to ensure you and your residents won’t experience service interruption and can quickly get the medication they need.

Prior to your official switch to us as your pharmacy provider, our team will work with your facility staff to make copies of all necessary insurance, health, and demographic information. From there, we create profiles for each resident to seamlessly match your system’s personal and medication data. Lastly, we confirm the change of pharmacy with each resident’s physician on file to review prescriptions and let them know about your change of provider. We also provide welcome letters to let residents and their family members know about the change.

Yes! We offer complimentary medication carts depending on the size of your facility. These medication carts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match your facility’s design.

Our technicians are highly competent and receive continuing education opportunities to stay on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical practices. We regularly retain a consultant pharmacist to review prescriptions and provide quality assurance.

Yes! We love to work with our partners at each facility to guarantee an amazing pharmacy experience. We offer employees, residents, and their family members an introductory session with our pharmacist to help them understand what to expect. This also gives them an opportunity to ask questions and get information easily.

We can also help facilities create more effective medication management plans for their residents to ensure a successful pharmacy experience during every step of the process.