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Four Dangers of Sedentary Lifestyles for Seniors


There are numerous dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. Inactivity is a silent danger for many people, but it can become an even larger problem as we age. Seniors who fail to incorporate physical activity into their daily schedules are not only missing out on wonderful health benefits, they may actually be putting their health in danger.

From keeping joints mobile to improving overall mood, seniors may especially benefit from exercise and making a point to keep moving every day. Some seniors find this to be challenging as age-related issues and health conditions make it hard to stay active. However, this sedentary lifestyle can cause many different issues – and can actually be worse for a senior than smoking.

Here are four of the biggest ways that “sitting disease” can be incredibly dangerous for a senior:

  • Higher Chance for Depression – The mood-improving effects of physical activity and exercise have been proven to occur in people of all ages, which means that it may be even more important for seniors who are prone to depression or are experiencing memory issues to stay active.
  • More Difficulty with ADLs – The body begins to lose lean muscle mass when it is not regularly getting enough physical activity. This can lead to even more difficulty performing activities of daily living (or ADLs). Dressing, bathing, and eating are just a few examples of ADLs that could be impacted by a sedentary lifestyle.
  • More Rapid Bone Loss – Older adults are at a much higher risk of experiencing bone loss. When they also live a very sedentary lifestyle, this can cause even more bone loss to occur or to occur more rapidly. Maintaining an active lifestyle can not only improve overall strength but can also help encourage bones to stay strong and healthy.
  • Greater Risk of Type 2 Diabetes – The human body does not process sugar properly when you do not use your muscles after eating. This raises blood glucose levels, which can then lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

Did you know that assisted living facilities offer many different ways for seniors to stay physically fit? From daily activities and dancing to exercise classes, there are always opportunities for seniors to get moving!

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