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Pharmacy Services

Providing closed-door pharmacy services to residents throughout the Angels Senior Living Network in the Tampa Bay Area, Sarasota, and Land O' Lakes.

Working with a pharmacy to get medication for your loved ones is a huge component of assisted living. That’s why Angels Senior Living operates a closed-door pharmacy to ensure our residents get the medication they need, when they need it. We opened our pharmacy back in 2011, and our staff continues to provide a high standard of care for our assisted living residents. Our pharmacy works with each facility in the Angels Senior Living Network to manage our deliveries, allowing us to offer emergency delivery and better coordinated medication management services for our residents.

Our residents receive the medication they need with an unbeatable eye toward flexibility, communication, and individual attention. We’re active partners in the drug therapy process, ensuring our seniors get an experience tailored to their health, designed to deliver the results they seek.

Our long term care pharmacy’s goal is to work with our residents, facilities, families, and doctors to provide holistic medication management and evaluation. We want to exceed your expectations of care by getting you or your loved one the medication they need.

A Direct Line to Facilities

Our pharmacists and technicians work with our facilities on a daily basis to guarantee delivery, administrate medication, and evaluate changes in resident condition.

Pharmacist Consultations

Our pharmacy employs consultant pharmacists to double check our work and add an outside voice to help focus our drug therapy on maintaining and improving resident health.

Lifetimes of Experience

Our pharmacists and technicians have decades of experience providing pharmaceutical services. They use their passion for helping others to help promote wellness in our seniors every day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Assisted Living Pharmacy Services

We do our best in person! Click the button below to give us a call and get in touch with Tampa Long Term Care Pharmacy. We promise you’ll get a human during normal business hours.

We offer a variety of pharmacy services to our assisted living residents:

  • Medication management in conjunction with facilities
  • Daily and emergency delivery to every facility in our network
  • Wide variety of packaging options, including blister packaging
  • Medication consultations for our residents

Facilities in our network range from around 25 to 100 beds, meaning our pharmacy knows how to best accommodate any sized facility.

Your medication costs at our pharmacy should be the same as your costs at an existing pharmacy. We accept almost all major insurances, and partner with our doctors and facilities to help residents receive the most cost-conscious and effective drug therapy possible.

Our technicians are very experienced and attend continuing education to stay up to date on new trends in the pharmaceutical industry. We also consult with an outside pharmacist to review charts and prescriptions, offering further quality assurance.

Yes! We love to work with our residents and their families. If we’re entering your facility for the first time, we provide an introductory session with our pharmacist so you know what to expect. If you’re a family member or resident in the Angels Senior Living Network, you should see us running around! This also gives residents an opportunity to ask questions and get information easily.

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