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16 Signs That Your Elderly Parent Needs Help

Your mother and father may have seemed in good spirits and like “themselves” the last time that you visited them, but age has a tricky way of sneaking up on people. The decline of a loved one’s physical and mental health often takes family members by surprise, especially if he or she seemed fine during the last visit. The key to this problem is staying aware of the small signs or problems that something may be wrong so that your family will be conscious of any decline in health and can properly prepare for the future which might be, in general, signs elderly need assisted living.

How to Notice That Your Aging Parents Need Help

Aging parents and their children are often in denial that there is a problem that must be dealt with. Even if it is a painful thing to admit, children and loved ones must step up and address these problems when they present themselves. This burden of recognizing the signs that a loved one does need everyday assistance does fall on loved ones, but they need to know that they are not alone.

It is of the utmost importance that loved ones do not ignore the signs that something may be wrong. Here are a few signs to be aware of when visiting seniors:

  1. Forgetfulness
  2. Disheveled clothing
  3. House and yard require maintenance
  4. Extreme mood swings or changes in mood
  5. Poor personal hygiene
  6. Dirty or severely cluttered house
  7. Depression
  8. Low energy
  9. Trouble getting up from sitting
  10. Confusion when performing familiar tasks
  11. Weight loss or poor diet
  12. Trouble paying bills
  13. Forgetting to take medications
  14. Loss of interest in former hobbies
  15. Unexplained bruising
  16. Broken household items

If your loved one’s health or happiness seems to be compromised, it is time to have a conversation to address their problems and find a solution. At Angel’s Senior Living, we offer many options available to help seniors, including assisted living and at home care.

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